Coaching Services

Coaching is a 1 on 1 and/or group powerful process to accelerate your growth and gifts. Our belief is that our World is a better place when people are happy and fulfilled. Coaching is a practice to help you personally, professionally, and Organizationally to arrive there. When coaching is done well, it can transform lives, careers, leadership, relationships, business and results in any area. 


Our goal is to help you become highly-effective by reaching your goals through growth and expanding your gifts. Our practice of coaching assists you in a scientific based model of positive thinking and actions.


Our coaching is

•   Confidential

•   Challenging

•   Curious

•   Compassionate

Gifted By Design sets its clients up for success by utilizing unique techniques that are learned through years of experience and then we
couple that with the proven G.R.O.W Model. This makes for a highly effective coaching program. 

What is Group Coaching? It’s a method where one coach supports a group of people as they strive to improve certain behaviors or outcomes. Gifted By Design will facilitate a psychologically safe environment where your group will be able to talk, share, discover, and support each other.